Hemp Oil Guide

Take a Look at the Benefits of Hemp Extract


Hemp extract or hemp oil is the extract from the seeds of select Cannabis plant. It is also known as hempseed oil because it is solely taken from the seeds. Tall growing varieties of cannabis that contain low concentration of THC are used to make this oil, which does not contain THC, the main psychoactive compound in the plant. It should not be confused with cannabis oil or hash oil that contains THC.


Not much is clearly known of the health benefits and therapeutic properties of hemp extract. However, it has several properties that can be beneficial, such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative and cardioprotective.


There are various types of hemp extract in terms of color, taste and odor because of different processes it has gone through. A dark green and unclear liquid with nut-like flavor and somewhat grassy is cold-press but unfiltered hemp oil. The colorless oil is refined but it lacks much of the original flavor of unrefined hemp oil as well as the many nutrients that are naturally present in hemp seeds. From a nutrition point of view, it is better to choose unrefined hemp extract unless you need the oil for topical application because it feels less greasy and earthy in texture. Know GLS TUNE! Pay Plan here!


Because hemp extract has an excellent ratio of omega -6 to omega - 3 that is similar to what the body needs, it provides a powerful nutrition for topical and internal use. It is one of the best sources of omega fatty acids. There are several other benefits, including treatment of eczema, multiple sclerosis, inflammation and acne. It can be applied to the skin as moisturizer and anti-aging. It is found to have drying effect and can improve water resistance. It can also used in hair and scalp treatments, such as in reducing the oiliness of oil-based shampoo while it provides vital amino acids to the scalp. Moreover, there is a lot of speculation regarding the use of the oil for cancer and even AIDS that resulted in its popularity and worldwide know-how about this wonderful oil. For more info about hemp, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/industrial-hemp/.


However, because of the fact that hemp oil comes from cannabis plant, it has become immensely controversial in many countries around the world. It has psychoactive capabilities that lead to significant masking of data regarding the extract. Because of this, most countries now have regulations that will determine which of the extract deserves to be considered as hemp oil. Usually, this is based on the highest delectable limit of THC in hemp oil. Know What is GLS CBD Cannabidiol Extract here!